Healthcare website improving

Posted By: Camila Orti

The government has been in the hot seat ever since the Obamacare website was launched.

Those shopping for health care have been greeted with challenges since October 1st, but things finally seem to be improving.

The White House announced Saturday that they've hired a new troubleshooter who promises to resolve the glitches by the end of next month.

Locally, Community Action agencies across the state have helped consumers with the process of enrolling. Executive Director Roger Furrer says the beginning of the month was a bit shaky.

“When we first started out, we couldn't get past setting up an account, we couldn't even make it through the first step,” Furrer said. is meant to help Americans compare insurance plans side by side to make shopping easier. Furrer says now that people are able to access it, things are getting easier, but there are still more issues to be aware of.

One of those is information transferring incorrectly or incompletely from beginning to end.

“Look at it very closely, make sure that when you say yes this information is correct, it really is because there are glitches there,” Furrer said.

Furrer says Community Action has helped hundreds of people enroll.

However, nationally, only three in ten applicants are actually able to purchase insurance.

The president said Saturday that people are working around the clock to resolve the remaining issues.

You have until the end of March to enroll in the healthcare marketplace if you don't already have insurance.

There are other options besides going online like going through your insurance agent, doing it over the phone or submitting a paper application.