Hearings On Late Term Abortion Get Underway in Lincoln

Judges in three different court rooms around the nation are hearing challenges to a new law that bans a certain kind of late-term abortion. One of those trials is taking place here in Lincoln.

The new law was signed by the President last November. Supporters call it the first substantial limitation on abortion rights. However, opponents say the ban is unconstitutional.

Hearings are taking place in Lincoln, New York City and San Francisco. Here in Lincoln, the trial got underway Monday. Dr. Leroy Carhart sat in the back of the court-room Monday as attorneys for both sides made opening statements before Judge Richard Kopf. Carhart, who is challenging the late-term abortion ban, is 'not' commenting yet, but some of his supporters are.

The proceeding is expected to last several days. Several doctors who are experts on the subject are expected to testify.