Heat Spreading Across Nebraska

By:  Newsroom

The sweltering temperatures the Nebraska Panhandle endured are spreading Eastward across the state and into Iowa.

The National Weather Service issued heat warnings and advisories for much of Southeast Nebraska and Iowa Wednesday as temperatures neared 100. In western Nebraska, people in Sidney and Scottsbluff could look forward to some mild relief with temperatures in the 90s after several days above 100.

The heat takes a toll on people who work outside like ranchers, farmers and construction workers.

At Crossroads Coop in Sidney, Neb., workers are being rotated out of jobs unloading wheat trucks often because of the heat.

Virg Schumacher says it's hard to keep workers going all day in the heat.

Schumacher said he doesn't remember any wheat harvest this early in his 36 years with the coop.