Heat wave puts strain on electric system

By: Kali Nicole

This kind of heat not only hits our wallets, but puts a strain on the electric system. The weather we've had the past few days usually doesn't com until July, so how can you stay cool while maintaining your budget?

The easiest solution LES can give, is just a difference of a few degrees, but they've also got ideas for those of you who are willing to pay a little to save a little more.

“It's really hot out today, almost unbearable. Especially when you're in a long sleeve shirt,” said Drew Rowoldt, a LES customer. So first order of business after a long day's work? Turning down the temp.

But for Drew Rowoldt and the thousands of other LES customers, that means bumping up the bill. “It was a bit higher, especially since last month it wasn't as hot out. So, we saw the bill this month and it was like, wow, so I'm kind of nervous for this month and the month after that,” said Rowoldt.

LES officials say they too are nervous there's no relief in sight. They're recommending everyone do what Drew has started, turning up the thermostat just a few more degrees.

“You'll save about three percent on your cooling cost for every degree you set it up and so if you can tolerate turning it up two or three degrees, you'll save six to nine percent on your cooling costs, not you total electric bill,” said Nelson Stephens with LES.

But every little bit helps, right?

Which is why LES also recommends having a maintenance check on your AC unit and often. Even if it's just dirty, they can jack up energy costs. So, while it may mean paying a contractor or staying a few extra minutes in the heat, inside your cooling home, LES say there could be some major savings.

One last tip that could make a little difference, minimizing the use of humidifiers inside the home.