Heating company surprises family with furnace

Posted By: Sarah Fili


Star City Heating and Cooling set out to take the stress out of one family’s holiday season. They picked the Olson family and met them at their front door with a big surprise: they were getting a new furnace for their home.

"It’s amazing, its I really appreciate it, our heater went out a few weeks ago and we knew we had to get a new one eventually, so this is a blessing,” Cameron Olson, who received the furnace, said.

The family lost their heat on a 10 degree night, forcing them to scramble to keep their young son warm. A handyman came out to fix the furnace. He told them they’d be better off getting a new one- something they couldn’t afford. So he repaired it the best he could and told them it was on its last leg.

“Warming up our home is the best thing we can give him so if we have to go less on the presents that’s okay because it’s not about the material things, he’s healthy and that’s all we can ask for,” BriAnna Olson said with tears welling in her eyes.

Cameron’s mom nominated the Olsons. She mentioned Cameron was a veteran, who on a deployment, found out his wife; Brianna had given birth to a premature baby.  Unfortunately- the baby didn’t survive.

For being such a hardworking family, Cameron’s mom couldn’t think of anyone more deserving.

The Olson family says this brightened their holiday season.

“I don’t have another word for it besides gratitude, I mean it couldn’t have come at a better time, I’m just thankful, we’re not people to consider ourselves lucky so I feel lucky today,” BriAnna Olson said.

Keith McRoberts with Star City says the program is in its 6th year and he says “selfishly it’s as joyful for him as it is for the families.”

In addition, December 21st  was the Olson’s 5 year anniversary- Happy Anniversary and Merry Christmas!