Helping seniors & the disables stay in own homes

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

A business new to Lincoln wants to help seniors and the disabled, stay in their homes.

All About Family, held a ribbon cutting Tuesday afternoon

The locally owned homecare service, works for those who need assistance, to be able to remain in their homes.

The caregivers give companionship, clean and will run errands.

Founder, Stephanie Petersen, says her years of working in hospice care, led her to start this company.

“People were being transferred from their home to a nursing home, which is not a bad place, but it’s not their home, and they were being transferred and it just broke my heart,” said Petersen. “So, if I’m able to keep them in their home at a reasonable rate, then that’s what I do.”
All about family is already taking patients.   For more information on All About Family you can call Stephanie at (402)269-8079 or email her at