Hergert No Longer NU Regent

It's official.   

David Hergert has lost his job as an NU Regent.

Hergert was facing 10 counts of impeachment for his actions during the 2004 election.   

Today the Supreme Court found him guilty of two of them.

Hergert was found guilty for breaking campaign finance laws to win the 2004 election and violating his oath of office.   

The decision comes despite Hergert's effort to convince the court he couldn't be convicted because what he was charged for happened during the election and not while in office.  

Chris Beutler was one of the state lawmakers who urged the legislature to impeach Hergert.    

During the 2004 election, Hergert spent thousands more than he said he would.

But he failed to notify the state.

That kept his opponent from receiving matching funds.   

But, Hergert argued it wasn't done on purpose, and even so it happened before he was in office.

But, some State Senators disagreed with Hergert.   

He says even after Hergert took office, he filed false reports  in an attempt to cover up his conduct.     

Attorney General Jon Bruning tried bring criminal charges against Hergert.

NU Regent Howard Hanks said in a statement Hergert was working to be a good regent, and was upset that the money he paid back to the State Accountability and Disclosure Commission didn't hold up.

Now David Hergert cannot hold a public office in Nebraska.

We made several attempts to get a statement from Hergert and his lawyer.

But, they didn't return our calls..