Heroes Into Homes provides homes for veterans

A ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the new Victory Park Veterans Apartments.

The three-story building has 70 new units, they’re meant for veterans, who are considered low-income.

It’s part of an ongoing project to transform the 60-acre VA campus, and veterans say they can’t wait to move in.

Vietnam Veteran, Richard Martel, says, "It already does, it feels like home already. I told my counselor that I could live here the rest of my life, right in this apartment, right here."

The apartments are not completely finished, yet, but Channel 8 was told, they hope to start moving veterans in after Thanksgiving.

A group was there Friday, who’s mission is to help furnish these new homes for veterans.

"They don’t have anything, you know, when they’re coming in a lot of times, they just have some clothes and that’s it, so it’s very very difficult for a homeless to acquire, that kind of stuff, it’s expensive,"  said Cory Ziegenein, who’s part of Heroes Into Homes."

They help veterans ease into their new homes, and their current goal is to help furnish all 70 of these new apartments.

For a project this big, they say they need help from the community.

They’re asking for new items–everything from furniture and bedding to towels and bath soap.