Hertzel family doing well

By: Brittany Paris

We first introduced you to the Hertzel's two years ago. The family from Emerald has two sons with very rare diseases. Now, they have another hurdle.

Friday was just another day at the Hertzel house. Mom, Angie, picked the kids up from school and they played with their toys Santa brought them for Christmas.

This holiday was a special one because all six Hertzel's were together, the first time since Carter was born almost three years ago.

You might remember the toddler. Carter, along with his older brother Zander, has a series of undiagnosed, rare medical problems. One of them being he just can't grow.

The family spent five weeks in Maryland this summer at the National Institutes of Health.

“The did say that they boys are the only kids or people in the world with what they have,” Angie Hertzel, their mom, said.

The only problem is, doctors don't know what that is. Right now, they're trying to find a treatment.

“It's been busy around my house and then unfortunately, we had some illness,” Angie said. “Zander came down with pneumonia and then he got over it and now he (Landyn) has walking pneumonia so it's been one thing after another.”

One thing after another is right. Dad, Mike, recently hurt his back at work and is planning on surgery at the end of the month.

But, extra time at home means extra time with the kids.

“That's the best thing is hanging out with the kids,” Mike Hertzel, dad, said. “I wish I could do more. I”I'm usually a busy person, but we hang out, we do the legos, board games.”

The family says the past few years have been a wild ride and they've learned a lot. And the Hertzels don't take anything for granted.

“I try not to worry so much about the negative and the bad and the what-ifs,” Angie said. “Because that's not going to get me anywhere. So I just stay positive and take it one day at a time.”

If you want to keep up with how the Hertzel family is doing, you can follow them on their Facebook page.

If you'd like to help the family, a fund is set up in Carter Hertzel's name at Union Bank.