Hickman woman loses $500 in Green Dot scam

 By: Jenn Schanz

Green Dot prepaid cards can be found in most drug stores. You can load money on them, and use them like cash. But one Hickman woman, who doesn’t want to be identified, says they’re not as secure as you’d think.

It all started when she got a voice mail from someone claiming to be from the IRS. When she called back, she says a man told her she needed to pay him money, and fast.

“He said um, well we do have an issue. Your taxes are right now in Washington D.C. going through the high courts. And if you don’t pay this dollar amount they’re going to arrest you today,” she says. 

The victim was told to buy a prepaid cash card and put $500 on it. Then, the man asked for the card number.

Once she gave it to him, the money on the card was gone.

I decided to call the man too; I asked him if he worked for the IRS. First, the man said yes. A minute later I called back, and he said no. When I asked him about the scam, the line went dead.

Scams with these sort of cards aren’t anything new, in fact some stores have even pulled them off the shelves. Sheriff Terry Wagner says the best way to avoid getting duped, is to be skeptical.

“These kinds of scams, people just need to be very leery of them. The IRS is not going to call you and tell you, you have back taxes due,” he says. 

The victim says after losing $500, the man attempted to get even more money from her, but by then, she suspected something was off and hung up.

“It was very scary. I couldn’t imagine being escorted from my house in a police car for something I never did,” she says. 

If you’re concerned you may be a victim of a scam, you’re urged to call the Better Business Bureau at 402-436-2345.