High-dollar burglary in northeast Lincoln

Posted By:  Sabrina Ahmed

A Lincoln burglary victim says it's “hurtful” after having her home broken into and ransacked.

Last Friday, a home in northeast Lincoln was empty for less than three hours, and when the woman got home…  She found the door kicked in and her house in shambles.

Lydia is so afraid that when Channel 8 Eyewitness News reporter, Sabrina Ahmed arrived at her house, Lydia opened the door with a rifle in her hand.

She's scared to stay in her house, but she's also afraid to leave it empty again.  Lydia is now the proud owner of a gun.  After her house was burglarized on Friday, she is getting prepared in case they're ever hit again. 

“I'm just mad—I've never been so angry in my life.  I'm—I do not like to be taken advantage of—I just feel violated.  I'm angry,” Lydia said.

Lydia says she got to her house near 90th and Adams around 11:30 Friday morning to find the door kicked in and more than $57,000 worth of items stolen.

The suspect took prescription meds, lap top computers, gaming systems and jewelry.

Lydia and her husband have two small dogs—when she took them out of their cage, they were shaken and afraid.. The veterinarian later told her the dogs were either drugged or severely beaten by the burglar.

“They're absolutely traumatized—like something happened to them and we don't know what and it's hard.  All we can do is reassure them,” Lydia said.

Lydia says she served in the Air Force and now suffers from PTSD.. She has saved for years to buy a house where she could raise her kids.

“We've been through so many rough. Yes, it took us a lot of saving and a lot of eating macaroni and cheese to move to a place where we thought we were safe,” Lydia said.

Police say this isn't the first burglary in the area.

“Somewhat in the area of where Lancaster County Sheriff's Office has been seeing other daytime residential burglaries.  We're looking into whether these cases are related,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Police say if you see anything suspicious around your home or anyone else's in your neighborhood call police. That could be unfamiliar cars or people in the area.. Or anything out of place for a long period of time.

One witness says she saw a man running around Lydia's house in a magenta sweatshirt around the time of the burglary.  Police have no suspects at this time.

Any information about this burglary can be called into Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600.