High Five Tour visits Lincoln

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

"We travel the whole country; we give support to any veteran and family that need it no matter where they live," said Ron Julianelle, High Five Tour Coordinator.

Wednesday was the seventh annual Wounded Warriors Family Support High Five Tour.

A Ford Mustang Shelby will travel over 26 thousand miles during the five month event. The car will trek to more than 100 cities in 48 states.

What is the mission of this event? To say thank you and show appreciation to all military families and the sacrifices they make.

"Its important for them to know that there is someone back home that has their back while they’re away. We are going to help their families get through the day to day things while they are away," said Julianelle.

This group is separate from the Wounded Warrior Project.

They hope to raise 1 million dollars and so far, they think, they have raised about half.

"But there are numerous Americans throughout the country, hundreds, thousands of them that we could not do what we do if it wasn’t for you,” said Julianelle.

The support of this charity helps soldiers and their families with ‘healing the wounds that medicine cannot.’

"The VA pretty much takes care of the veteran as far as their physical needs, we help provide support for the non–physical stuff, and also for the family, like the caregiver program, we also have retreats that they can go on as a family and kind of reunite."

With every stop people sign the mustang with a message of gratitude, thanking our veterans and their families.

The mustang was out at Sapp Brothers in north Lincoln and it’s on to the next city now.

If you would like to support this organization, you can find a link to donate below.