High School Heisman Awards

The Heisman Award is a well known achievement here in Lincoln. Such winners as Eric Crouch put Nebraska on the map.

But most probably have never heard of the High School Heisman Awards…

For nine years, Wendys has been awarding the top high school athletes across the country. Saturday night the nominated students nervously waited to hear their names called for this top honor. The 21 nominated high school students joined their families to celebrate the Heisman Award. Only the two top students who show leadership in sports as well as academics will be chosen to move on to compete in nationals.

Just being part of the celebration is enough for most of the students.

“I think this is important to Nebraska students because it really gives them an incentive to work hard and rewards them for being a good athlete and good at academics,” said legendary football player Irv Cross. Cross was on hand to announce the winners.

Saturday's winners are Tabitha Ropers from Sargent High School and Thomas Dwyer from Pope John High School both will move on to compete nationally.