Highway 34 to reduce speed limit during school hours

In an attempt to slow traffic on Highway 34 near Schoo Middle School, the speed limit will drop from 60 mph to 45 mph starting August 16th.

Mayor Chris Beutler announced the speed limit will soon be reduced along Highway 34 at Fletcher Avenue during the time just before and after school.  State Senator Ken Haar helped make the reduced speed limit happen.  “I was really concerned that kids who were either biking or walking to school would get hit.  It was really an accident waiting to happen.”

School officials with Schoo middle school say they encourage students to ride their bike to school because it's good exercise.  But students coming from the Highlands area aren't going to go all the way down to that intersection if they can cross the highway closer.

After multiple complaints of students crossing the highway at random, Schoo Principal Dr. Linda Hix says its impossible to force her kids to go to the Fetcher intersection.  She says, “I think most kids that are close to this intersection use it.  By reducing the speed in this area from 60 miles an hour to 45 miles an hour, I think it will just be an alert to all the drivers.”

She was with more stops added to a Star Tran bus route through the Highlands, at the very least she can give her students options.  “Now we'll have multiple stops throughout the neighborhood and I think that will be very easy for kids to use.”

The reduced speed limit, before and after school, will take effect August 16th, and city officials say the police will be watching.




the flashing light signaling the reduced speed along highway 34 will only be in effect for 30 minutes before and after school.