Hill Elementary School science fair

Posted By: Nolan Crane


See this “Excellence in Education” report Tuesday, Feb. 24th at 10p.m.  

Students at Hill Elementary School put on their gloves and goggles to research a fun topic for their annual science fair. One student even sent a seven foot balloon to space.

More than 80 projects were on display this evening for us in the community to take a look at. Some students studied crickets, termites and dogs.
Others made their own slime and space aircraft. It took almost a dozen  kids to stretch out the massive balloon that went up to space and captured photos. Using a petri dish another student found out doorknobs had the most germs in his house.

“I mixed baking soda with lemon juice and then I put a balloon over the top of the bottle that the lemon juice and baking soda was in. I mixed it and the balloon blew up because it created carbon dioxide and it made the balloon blow up,” says Hailey Marolf.

“We bought a cooler and my family and me thought about sending a couple of things to space,” says Paxton Beery.

“I see children working individually, small groups and learning by exploration and that is in deed the best way to learn,” says Principal Michelle Phillips.

The science fair has been a tradition at the school for several decades. The teachers say it’s an optional event that’s not graded, but done for fun.