Hillary Clinton Campaigns In Omaha For Obama

Senator Hillary Clinton was in Omaha to campaign for Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Tuesday. Her first stop was a luncheon for Girls Incorporated, her second, a rally at the Qwest Center.

With the Presidential election 2 weeks away, and Nebraska being one of two states able to split electoral votes, Senator Clinton's job was to pitch why Barack Obama is “the change we need”.

This time Senator Hillary Clinton wasn't on stage as an opponent of Barack Obama's but for the Democratic party and to get Nebraskans behind who she believes should be next in line for president.

She says, “My message is simple, to do everything I can to elect Barack Obama.”

3200 Nebraskans packed the room, crowding the stage.  Many of them, their minds already made up. Others, with only 2 weeks until the election wanting to hear why they should vote for Obama.

This was her answer, “Bush practiced what McCain will preach.” Clinton was only on stage for a little more than 15 minutes. Her focus, what Obama could do for the economy, the middle class and healthcare. But it wasn't all about Barack and the Democrats.

It was an address to Nebraskans and all voters. 

Clinton accompanied Barack Obama in Orlando Monday for a rally.

She's onto Minneapolis, Minnesota next.