“Hiring Our Heroes” Job Fair Held

By: Kelly Sommariva

We all know how tough the job market is out there. For soldiers returning home from war it's even more challenging. At war, they fight for our freedom, but when they return home, they fight for jobs. They are the citizen soldiers of the National Guard. “When you become a civilian it's more on you and you have to make it and you don't have anybody telling you what to do,” Soldier and student Tommy Gerrish said.

Hundreds of veterans of all kinds came out to Lincoln's first job fair just for them. Nearly 100 employers did the same.

“It's a win win because they're looking for jobs but they come highly qualified with skills and education and experience that they've had. They're tough and they have a good work ethic they bring to the table is what we're looking for,” Jan Zoucha, VP of HR at Assurity said.

Captain Eric Sattelburg just returned from Afghanistan last week. He was training the Afghan army. Now, he's come home to a different set of challenges: finding a civilian job.

“We're worried about what's going on there at the time so coming back here to civilization again it's very stressful right now, just for that fact you don't know your future, what your future holds,” Capt. Sattelburg said.

“Hiring Our Heroes” is in its first year. Nationwide they've helped 9,000 veterans get jobs. And Captain Sattelburg says what the more than 5,000 members who serve in Nebraska learn in the military is valuable anywhere.

“We're hard workers, they know that, they've seen it, we're dedicated to the job,” Capt. Sattelburg said.