HIV Positive Nebraska Woman Files Two Lawsuits, Claiming Discrimination

It's thought to be the first case of its kind in Nebraska. A southeast Nebraska woman claims she's being discriminated against because she's HIV positive. Now, she is taking her former employers to court, saying she was fired solely because of her medical condition.

The woman is 19-years old, and has tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. After she was dismissed by two southeast Nebraska employers, she went to the American Civil Liberties Union for help. The ACLU Thursday filed two lawsuits in Gage County, alleging employment-discrimination against an unnamed restaurant and a convenience store. The woman's identity is being protected and she's suing under the name “Priscilla Doe”.

She explains that in one of her jobs she was fired because her employer thought she would hurt business. An ACLU attorney from New York was in Lincoln Thursday, working on the case. She says her client poses no health danger because of her HIV status.

The woman is seeking compensation for loss of wages and emotional distress. A survey, released Thursday, shows HIV civil rights violations 'are' widespread, but this is likely the first HIV employment-discrimination case in Nebraska.