Holiday Lighting Ceremony Cancelled

With the holiday season just around the corner, the city is getting ready for its yearly events. But, there are some minor changes this year that could affect your plans. The traditional Lincoln lighting ceremony has been canceled. Every year the Mayor turns on the Christmas lights in the downtown area on Thanksgiving weekend. However, this year the only switch that will be going on is no lighting ceremony at all. Too much money, that's what organizers are saying is the reason for getting rid of it. They say the city is charging more this year to close off streets, sidewalks and parking meters. But, organizers say there will still be lights, and they'll turn them on earlier this year. Organizers say people can still expect to see the yearly Star City Holiday Parade. Officials say people can expect to see a lot more new things, like floats and bigger balloons. If you are looking forward to heading out to the parade, the event is set to begin Saturday, December 3rd at a eleven.