Holiday Travel Expected to Increase

By: Bill Schammert

As far as traveling weather in November goes, 60-degrees in our corner of Nebraska isn't too shabby.  Despite the pleasant skies, families are still feeling the pain when they hit the pumps.

Many travelers we spoke with are traveling hundreds of miles.

“Actually heading to my dad's place in Kansas,” Neal Combs said.  “Been up in Minnesota visiting my daughter.  I'm about to be a grandpa and just want to be home for the holiday.”

According to the Gas Buddy web site, prices are averaging about $3.37-per-gallon in Lincoln right now.  It's a price historically high, but actually a few cents cheaper than last Thanksgiving, and considerably lower than three months ago when people were paying nearly $4.00.

“There's nothing I can do about it,” Steve Zeisler said.  “I have to get places, so I have to fill-up.”

Jessica Moton is driving to Kansas City just to pick-up her niece and drive back for the holiday.

“For my family, we are just all happy be together,” Moton said.

43-million Americans are expected to travel this Thanksgiving.  Of those people, 90-percent will drive more than 50 miles.  But ultimately, the sentiment seems to be, you can't put a price tag on spending time with family.

“It's worth it for the family,” said Combs.  “Gas is too high, everything is too high, but it's worth it to see the family.”