Holiday travel running smooth in Lincoln

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

The holiday travel rush is in full swing.

This season is setting record numbers with around 103 million people traveling across the country. It’s the largest number recorded since 2001.

AAA data shows that out of the millions traveling, 90% will be in cars.

Here in Nebraska, the road travel is thought to be supported by the economy.

"This is the lowest gas prices we have paid since 2009, so the average right now is about $2.20 in Nebraska," Marilyn Muir, AAA Field Manager, said.

Nationally, another 6% will be flying to their destinations.

Channel 8 checked in with the Lincoln Airport to see how they’re handling the busy season.

"Our flights today have been going on time, as a matter of fact we had one of our flights leave about three minutes early I think, so that is always nice to see," Dave Haring, Lincoln Airport Executive Director, said.

Dave Haring with the Lincoln Airport says the number of travelers remains steady year round. He says, as long as the weather cooperates, the consistency eliminates travel backups.

"Because most of our flights are already flying out full we just don’t see spikes, you don’t see to big of troughs," Haring, said.

Haring says the only delays that the Lincoln Airport could see over the next few days are mechanical or unexpected weather.