Holt County Deputy Arrested

A Holt County Sheriff's Deputy is behind bars.  

He's accused of making the threatening phone call that put schools in three Nebraska counties on high alert this week.

It all started Wednesday afternoon when a newspaper reporter took a phone call.

The caller said there would be a school shooting in Rock or Holt County.  

The threat prompted several schools in the area to close, or to go under lock down.

Authorities say 41-year-old Ivan Young, of Beatrice, made the call.  

He had been working part-time as a Holt County Sheriff's Deputy since August.   

But, he was certified in Nebraska as a law enforcement officer back in 1988.   

Young's arrest was welcome news to school administrators.

O'Neill Public Schools is just one of nearly two dozen schools in Rock, Holt and Brown counties  that closed or locked its doors.  

Young was arrested after investigators traced the threatening phone call back to his personal cell phone.  

Now, some teachers and parents are wondering what to tell kids about trusting law enforcement.  

Authorities say they had to take the threat seriously given what's happened recently in schools nationwide.   

Young is being held in the Rock County jail for making terroristic threats.