Homecoming ceremony held for Nebraska National Guard troops

By: AShley Harding

The families of some Army and Air National Guardsmen are getting a late Memorial Day present, as they welcome home their loved ones from overseas!

They're the final eleven of the Agribusiness development team and they are back from Afghanistan!
One by one, after a year long deployment in Afghanistan, eleven heroes made their way off the bus and into the arms of their loved ones.  For many, the feeling was overwhelming.
“It's got to be the greatest honor being able to come home to my friends and family right around the holiday. So it means a lot to all of us,” Sgt. Chelsea Kramer of  the NE National Guard said.

After a few minutes of 'welcome back' hugs and kisses, the group headed inside for a special ceremony to honor a job well done. During their time in Afghanistan, their mission was to work with local farmers to improve to the country's agriculture. 

And for many of these heroes, they wouldn't have made it through without their family's support.
“Knowing their loved ones are still in harms way over there, that's tough for everybody, but especially for the families. So hats off to them,” Col. Lynn Heng of the NE Army National Guard said.

And now that they're back, some say the focus is to get back to civilian life. Whether that's by having a good laugh, or spending quality time with those who matter. 
Another group of Guardsmen have stepped in to carry on this group's mission in Afghanistan.
They'll be there for about a year.