Homeowner stops thief

Posted By: Megan Conway


The nice weather brings more outdoor activities when you might leave your car or home unattended. What if you came home to find a man rummaging through your car? It happened to one Lincoln man and his quick thinking stopped a thief. 

Police say 25–year–old Michael Morgan of Lincoln was found going through a car in an open garage near 27th and South streets when the owner came home.

“When the suspect saw the homeowner, he took off running. The owner gave chase, caught up with the man, and was able to get his valuables back,” says Ofc. Katie Flood, Lincoln Police Department.

Police found Morgan near 27th and Sewell streets. They say when they searched him they found a wallet and ID that had both been reported stolen, as well as Oxycodone in his pocket. Morgan was arrested for larceny, trespassing, two counts of possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance. Police say his arrest is a reminder for all.

“This time of year serves as a good reminder to make sure all of your doors and windows are secure, not only in your home, but also in your vehicle. Home or away, don’t leave those valuables inside your car, purses, electronics, even backpacks can tempt thieves,” warns Flood. 

For three Lincoln moms enjoying the weather, safety is a priority; especially when they live close to popular walking trails that bring many different people to the area.

“I just make sure everything is locked up if we leave the house. I think if a house is left open, it’s kind of open to whoever could walk in,” says Stephanie Schulz.

“We know our neighbors pretty well, so that kind of brings comfort,” says Julie Forsman.

“I think a home security system makes me feel more confident and just shutting the garage door every time we leave and even if we are home,” says Heidi Butler.

Police also recommend to call in any suspicious activity as soon as possible. Thieves tend to wander around in the area, so get the best possible description and call police at 441-6000.