Honoring Gabe Wilken

Posted By: Reid Kilmer

He loved his friends and family and had a passion for motorcycles. That’s how many will remember Gabe Wilken.

The 38–year–old was killed in a hit and run crash near NW 48th and I–80 in January a case that remains active and unsolved to this day.

On Saturday, those closest to him, will take part in one of his favorite events the Muffler Shoot–Out.

This time, they’re holding it in his honor, at Frontier Harley Davidson.

Jared Groff, a co-worker of Wilkens for 10 years said, “It’s important because this event was designed by Gabe and he was a Harley enthusiast and with other Harley enthusiast around it’s just a great opportunity for everybody to come out support him, remember his legacy and support his son’s future education.

The Muffler Shoot-Out will consist of a variety of different mufflers being shown and used to fellow motorcyclists.

A poker run will follow the event with all proceeds going toward his son Dalton’s education fund.

Carla Krcmarik, Wilken’s girlfriend said, “He wants to be like his dad, he wants to go to school down in Arizona to be a master mechanic with Harley Davidson.”

T–shirts and other items will be sold at the event to help raise funds for Dalton and give friends something to remember Wilken by.

Krcmarik said, “Just remembering what a great guy he was, he was a fantastic person.”

Groff said, “He was just a really kind hearted person and when it came to Harleys and anyone who had a Harley, it was just real family event with Gabe on his Harleys. So if anyone needed help with theirs he was there to help.”

Saturday’s first event starts at noon at Frontier Harley Davidson.

The poker run begins at 1 p.m.

The poker run is $10 a hand and $25 for three hands. 

For more information you can visit http://www.frontierhd.com/event_list_detail.asp?ecode=681666