Horse rescuers in Crete take in orphaned filly

By: Jenn Schanz

There's a new horse in town, but it's not quite what you'd

Meet Penelope.

At 25 pounds, she's the newest, and smallest addition to the Epona Horse Rescue in Crete.

“We're kind of just taking care of Penelope until she's
big enough to go back home, we'll find her a companion,” says Lin Beanue, director of the rescue. 

She got a call from a friend
that their newborn miniature horse was being rejected by its mother.

“Their little mini wasn't being very nice to the baby
so I told them I would come over and assess the situation for them, and so I did.”

If left there, Lin says the mother could harm or even kill Penelope, so she agreed to help raise her until she's a little bigger.

Eventually, she'll match Penelope with an adult miniature to
be her mentor, a pseudo–mom figure.

But at just 5 days old, Penelope spends a lot of time in Lin's living room.

A video of her playing there had made Penelope a bit of a local celebrity. 

Despite being 1/50th the size of a regular full
grown horse, Lin says that Penelope walks with the big boys.

“She's very curious, she's very bright, she's very
independent,” she says. 

Epona is home to nearly 50 other horses, who don't mind
having a little sister around.

Lin enjoys it too, and says she now has a little helper
when she does chores.