Hot Rods Come Out For The Homeless

By:  Sabrina Ahmed

A hot day for hot rod enthusiasts.

Hundreds were out in North Lincoln, but not just to show off their speedsters, but to also help feed the homeless.

That sound means the need for speed and for many people who came to this car show.  It means a lot more than that.  Mike Wittrock is a participant, he says, “it's really nice to see the city come together and donate money to the people that need it.”

Car Owner, Dan Bailey says, “to help the less fortunate out of the city, it means a lot to me.”

and while Pastor Tom from the People's City Mission says he loves to come out and see the cars… That's not why he is here either.  “it's a chance for us to blend with the community of car enthusiasts and some of these folks come volunteer at the mission,” Tom Barber Says.

For the past few years, the car show at Anderson ford has donated half its proceeds to the Mission.  This year, they say they could donate anywhere from one to five thousand dollars.  This money comes from the raffle tickets they sell, the concession stands, and the fifteen dollar entrance fee for cars.

But Pastor Tom says the money from this isn't all they need.  “give me all of your worldly possessions—that you don't need,” he says.

They will clearly take just about anything.  But right now, in the heat, the real need is water.

A little financial boost doesn't hurt either.  For one person to be fed and housed for a day, it costs the Mission 25 dollars.

They help at least 300 people every day.  That number is intimidating, but that doesn't mean you really have to give everything you have…”just a little contribution from a lot of folks would make a big difference.”

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