Update: House engulfed in flames on Saltillo Road

By: Kayla Bremer

Fire officials are still investigating what caused the blaze but they believe it started from an overheated car battery.

It happened this morning around 9:30 at the intersection of 68th and Saltillo Road.  Fifty firefighters and nearly a dozen trucks all helped fight the blaze.

“The way it is set up, we knew we were going to try to make an interior attack, that we were going to need the man power,” Southeast Fire Chief John Porter said.  “Obviously water as well since it's a rural setting…we got to bring our own water.”

Porter says the fire started in the garage and spread quickly into the attic making its way into the interior of the house.

Since the home is outside city limits, the closest fire hydrants were miles away meaning the fire departments had to shuttle their own water.

“It takes a whole lot more trucks and water and the nearest water is about a mile and a half to two miles away, so that's a lot of water came through,” Hickman Fire Chief Stan Draper said.  “I know the shuttles, most of them have about 3,000 gallons and they've been here about twice.”

Volunteer firefighters from four different departments battled the flames for nearly an hour before the fire was under control.

Porter says although having to shuttle the water and get through the traffic of people watching made it more difficult, the fire departments did exactly what they needed to.

“But that's why we train,” Porter said.  “We train to do this and the departments were set up for water shuttle.”

One man was home at the time but he was able to get out of the house safely.

No one was injured.  Right now, officials can't put a dollar amount on total damage.

By: Kayla Bremer

Fire officials say a car battery charger may be the cause of a fire that destroyed the majority of a house in Lancaster County.

It happened Saturday morning around 9:30 when multiple fire departments were called to the house on the corner of 68th and Saltillo Road.  One man was home at the time and was able to get out of the house safely.

The fire started in the garage and quickly spread into the attic and house.  Four fire departments battled the fire for nearly an hour before it was considered “under control.”

Southeast Rural Fire Chief John Porter says the lack of a water source in the rural area and on looking traffic had a part in the difficulty of getting the fire under control.

Tanker trucks made trips back and forth from Lincoln fire hydrants to the house to supply the water.

Porter says they were able to stop the fire and save a portion of the house where the bedrooms are located.

No one was injured.  We'll continue to bring you updates and a full report tonight at 6 and 10.