House Passes Stimulus Bill

President Barack Obama says he's confident the economic stimulus bill will be approved. But some of Nebraska's Representatives are not so sure.

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry says he's voting no on the stimulus bill and as for Senator Ben Nelson he has some reservations too.

But how will this bill break down here in Nebraska if passed?  The proposed $825 billion dollar stimulus package could have big implications for Nebraska. Some of the biggest impacts could be felt in the form of around $230 million for highways and bridges, $29 million for wastewater treatment, almost $105 million for modernizing schools, and $377 million for state budget aid.

In total Nebraska would benefit almost $785 million if the bill passes. But Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson says he still has some concerns about the bill and as of now hasn't decided if he can support it.

“Some elements concern me because they don't really seem to be truly stimulus but they would constitute spending in my view, whatever we do it must me about three things we need to create new long lasting jobs, protect current jobs, and enhance job opportunities for the future.”

Yesterday, President Obama met with several members of congress to discuss the proposal.

Among those was Nebraska Republican Congressman Jeff Fortenberry who said he is voting no to the bill.  He said he's concerned about federal spending saying it will add more long-term debt and be difficult to reverse leaving the burden for the next generation.

Again, the House Of Representatives voted for the Stimulus Bill.  The Senate is working on a costlier version of the bill.