How Long Will Lincoln’s Water Last?

Lincoln Water Works Chief Engineer says if things don't change dramatically the city could run out of water by September 23rd. And he adds unless every citizen and business complies with the new rules, the water could be gone sooner than that. City leaders are concerned about the ever shrinking Platte River. Lincoln gets most of it's water from the Platte River. The Platte is well below normal levels. But the Platte is bone dry near Columbus and unfortunately so are several other rivers that normally feed the Platte.

On Monday the city set a usage goal of 65-million gallons per day. But so far that goal has not been reached. Jerry Obrist says it's crucial for everybody to follow the new rules. If the levels don't rise soon, Obrist says an out-right water ban could be in place as soon as next week. That would mean no outdoor watering at all. Obrist says Wednesday night's rain that fell across much of the state won't bring any relief to the Platte. He says that levels are so low it would take a series of heavy rains before we would see any results.