How the Cold Weather Rule can help you out

Posted By: Pierce Georlett

The state of Nebraska this winter has been experiencing a colder winter than in recent memory as we have seen lower temperatures this year than the last two years. 

Because of those cold temperatures, Black Hills Energy company and other energy companies won’t be shutting off your power during these cold winter months, Brandy Johnson of Black Hills Energy Company said today, "I can tell you with the weather being as cold as it is we won’t be disconnecting."

The reason that the Black Hills Energy company or any other energy company won’t be disconnecting you is because of the Cold Weather Rule. The Cold Weather Rule is the reason that the Black Hills Energy company or any other energy company won’t be disconnecting you. It was implemented by the Nebraska public service commission and it states that between November 1st through March 31st, energy companies need to give extra time for their customers to pay their bills. 

Brandy Johnson also added that,  "When the weather is cold like it is today we (Black Hills Energy Company) won’t be doing any disconnections now if the weather were to get warm again and we did have a period of warm weather then we may be able to disconnect some folks that are behind on their heating bill."

But there are other programs that your own energy companies maybe doing, Black Hills Energy for instance has their own program called the Black Hills Cares Program. 

Brandy Johnson explained that the, "Black Hills cares is a great program so the way it works is on the monthly bill you can make a one time contribution and then Black Hills matches all the contributions dollar for dollar and we partner with the salvation army to distribute that to people in need energy assistance."

But there are other programs to help pay for your high heating bills, like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or better known as LIHEAP that can help you with your energy bills. 

Nebraska Public Service also wants to remind you that setting your thermostat a little cooler at 68 degrees or below can really help your bottom line out a lot.