How to avoid slipping and falling in icy conditions

Posted By: Veronica Ortega

Lincoln was hit by freezing rain and snow today. Conditions were so bad it kept Lincoln Fire and Rescue busy throughout the day. Many people reported slipping and falling on icy sidewalks. 

"It’s very very slippery outside and it could be harmful to your health. It could be hurtful and you can break bones or worse. So if you don’t have to get out into it stay home," says Capt. Scott Bastin with Lincoln Fire and Rescue.

Officials with Guardian Angels, a company that provides home care for the elderly, say they need to take extra precautions.

"As you get older your reflexes slow down and you are at a much higher risk for a fall especially in these kind of conditions," says Christy Sueverkruepp with Guardian Angels.

They recommend wearing a heavy coat to help cushion your fall and sturdy shoes with good traction. They say if you do fall try to resist the urge to catch yourself to avoid an injury. Angle your feet out to broaden your base, bend slightly forward , and use your arms for balance. Short steps will keep your feet in contact with the ground as much as possible.

"The easiest explanation is to think about a penguin. When a penguin walks on ice they have their feet broad, their weight is a little bit forward, and they do great on ice so we should follow their lead," says Christy Sueverkruepp.

Fire officials say although not every fall requires medical attention if you hit your head, experience numbness, or briefly lose consciousness, call 911.