How to Stay Safe From “War Driving”

It's the new high tech way to get personal information like your bank statement and credit card numbers. It's called “War Driving.” War drivers can buy software on-line, hook up it to their laptop, cruise neighborhoods and steal your wireless computer signal. They can access personal information stored in your computer and can even steal your identity.

Security features are included with wireless routers. It's called WEPT. It provides a level of encryption. That encryption can keeps war drivers from taking a peek. The problem is, some people with wireless routers don't enable WEPT, which can be as easy at pressing a button.

There are higher levels of protections for your wireless computer. One of them is MAC filtering. That allows you to create a code, then only computers with that code can access your network. For more information on MAC filtering and higher forms of security, you should contact your computer store.