Hundreds march to capital to honor MLK Jr.

Posted By: Brent BonFleur

Saturday marked the 22nd Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Rally in Lincoln.

The event – which is entirely student run – began at the UNL Student Union.

"It’s a community celebration – and we often times talk about that it’s to educate, inspire and entertain," said Peter Ferguson, an event organizer.

"We seek to promote the life and dreams of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

There were games, songs, dance performances and several messages delivered by students ranging from 4th grade to high school seniors.

"I think it’s important that the youth just have a voice in today’s society and our community," said Micah Wilson, one of the student organizers.

"We’re identifying problems, we’re identifying issues… we’re throwing down the gauntlet for the older people in our community to step up and make a change just like we are."

After more than three hours of pre-rally activities, it was time to march.

Hundreds made their way from the campus to the capital building, with the rally finally coming to an end at the Abraham Lincoln statue on the building’s west side.

In attendance? Micah Wilson’s mother, Catherine, who got to watch her son lead the march.

"Very, very proud," she said.

"I’m very, very proud of what he’s done and his commitment over many weeks – as well as the entire committee – so they’ve done a good job."

And as for their goal of having their voice heard, Micah says mission accomplished.

"I think it was heard today," he said.

"If you were in downtown Lincoln today, I think you heard."