Hundreds of events are coming to Lincoln this fall

Posted By: Rachel Hofstra

The event ranges from a fitness week to concerts and even keynote speakers.

"Should have seen this coming, in a city with such an active arts community and a spirited entrepreneurial network it’s inevitable that these groups should ultimately unit," said Mayor Chris Beutler.

During one week in October, the Capitol City is hosting hundreds of events.

To make it easier to collaborate and celebrate Lincoln’s vibrant community of non–profits and start–ups, they’ve come up with a title to encompass everything: LNKDNA.

"We just saw this as an opportunity for everyone to build a bigger, better community together," said Mariah Nimmich, LNKDNA organizer.

The event showcases everything from entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and much more.

"The best thing about LNKDNA is that it not only highlights YP Week, but it highlights all these other awesome opportunities going on," said Tom Beeckius, with YP Week.

The celebration will be held from October 3rd to the 9th and most of the activities will be held in downtown Lincoln.

There will be several events happening each day throughout the week.

"There is literally hundreds of events happening across the city, we would like you to attend all of them; I would be really impressed if you could get to all of them," said Tyler Sprunk, CEO of Forgelight Creative’s.

The groups hope coordinating their events will bring more attention and people to their activities.

"We had about 1500 participants last year for YP Week and anticipate even more this year," said Beeckius.

It’s a collaboration between Lincoln’s professional and creative communities. And it’s celebrating all of the talent and innovation Lincoln inspires.

There will be more than enough going on to keep you busy.

You can find the calendar of all of the events below: