Husker Fans Are K.C. Bound

For the first time since 1999, the Nebraska football team will play in the Big 12 Championship game.  On Saturday, December 2, the Big Red will face Oklahoma, and after six years of waiting, Husker nation is ready to take over Kansas City, the site for this year's title-contest.

The rush for a Big XII ticket is underway, and the price to be there, is up to the traveler.   

Some Husker fans got their tickets before the Huskers were even guaranteed to play…now they plan to travel by plane, and by car.

Paul Glenn of Executive Travel says more than 40 people have signed up for a package plan trip to Kansas City.   For 500 dollars a person, they'll take a motor coach to K.C. on Friday, tour the lights festival in the plaza, and tour the casinos and nightlife, before going to the game Saturday and returning home Sunday.  For more information on the plan, call Executive Travel at 435-8888.  

Online, you can find a ticket to the game at  Prices start at $50.    

On, the color-coded seating shows where you can sit, for what price. Costs range from $145 to $235.

And while getting to Kansas City may be easy, some tell us getting a hotel room, might be more difficult. Reservations are recommended.