Husker Fans Celebrate Frost Hiring

        Husker fans got together this afternoon to watch the new head coach be introduced and celebrate a new start for husker football. Cigarz Lounge in the Haymarket hosted a Frost watch party to celebrate Scott Frost’s new position as Nebraska’s head football coach.

        Fans played husker trivia, had celebratory drinks and cigars, and cheered when Frost arrived at the podium.

        While fans are excited to have frost as football coach they have high expectations. "I just want to see more heart on the field with the coaches and also maybe some better game management, just get back to traditional husker football," said Sandy McCorkindale the Cigarz Lounge owner.

        "I don’t see us going 12–0 next year, but I know he will get energy from the kids and get the program enthusiastic and hopefully just have a better season next year than we had this year," said husker fan Rick Sheehy.

        While rebuilding the husker football program back to its former glory will take time, David Kracman hopes Frost can do it quickly, "I think it’s going to take a little bit of time, I know people are patient, but I think he’s shown he can do things pretty fast in a different location."

        Frost’s homecoming has people excited about husker football again and looking forward to a new season.

        It also allows Frost to come full circle as a player and now a coach, which Sheehy says will serve as an inspiration to both players and husker fans, "Every Nebraska kid has dreamed about playing for the huskers and I think Scott coming back and talking the position as head coach again is going to show those kids across Nebraska what they can accomplish if they stay to their dreams."

        While it’s clear Frost has a lot of work ahead of him, it’s clear fans are already behind him and looking forward to a new chapter in husker football.