Husker fans gear up for game day in style

The Husker football season officially begins on Saturday, which means a lot of fans are gearing up in style.

It's that time of year to swap out the old and buy some new.  For some, it means simply a new hat and for others, like UNL sophomore Elizabeth Gregg, it means just short of a whole new wardrobe.  She says she bought a lot.  “A little bit longer sleeves with a hood, some traditional Nebraska t–shirts, one with 'Nebraska', one with 'Huskers” so we can support the Big Red.”

The Nebraska Bookstore says what's hot right now is women's fashion.  It's the only store that they know of downtown that's carrying merchandise from Victoria's Secret.

But not everyone is looking for bling.  Now that it's looking like the Huskers' dominating defense is here to stay, Adidas is devoting a whole line to skulls and crossbones.  So, the Nebraska Bookstore is, too.  Amanda Tangeman works there and says, “we have 'Throw the Bones', and some versions of the Blackshirts and crossbones that are even a little scarier and a little more intimidating.”

There is one thing though that you won't find anywhere in this store or most likely any other.  The Nebraska Bookstore says there won't be any Big Ten merchandise out until at least July.  Also, Tangeman also says 'Farewell to the Big 12'  t–shirts are not allowed.   “They won't license any goods that talk about leaving the Big 12 or getting into the Big 10.  We're supposed to talk about where we're at right now.”