Husker fans head to Railyard one last time

Posted By: Jenn Schanz 

A big rivalry and a close game.

The day after Thanksgiving, Husker fans had something else to be thankful for; a win against Iowa.

“We rode it out, we got the victory,” says Pat Moss of Lincoln. 

After trailing the Hawkeyes for the first two quarters, the men in red had a 17–point comeback, winning in overtime 37 to 34.

“I definitely think it was a good game. I thought it’d come down to the wire and I kind of questioned if Nebraska could pull it off but they did, and  I’m so glad Kenny Bell was able to come out with the catch,”says Erik High of Lincoln. 

There was lots to cheer about after that catch, but the Railyard was a quiet place at kickoff when I spoke to some fans.

“Not feeling terribly good about the situation right now, but having high hopes for a good game today. I’m hoping everybody’s up to stunt,” said Edward Majicina of Lincoln.

“Obviously we’ve lost a few games but that happens, and they’re going to pull back strong like they always do. That’s why we’re the comeback team,” says Brianna Washka of Omaha. 

And comeback they did, something fans say should remind everyone to keep cheering.

“I’ve been a fan for so many years, you see ups and downs. teams come and go, but the fans are always here,” says Cindy Filip of Lincoln. 

Looking to next season, many fans I spoke with say when it comes to coach Bo Pelini, we need to be patient.

“I think he’s doing a good job, we just have to get over that hump,” says Steven Sherwood of Lincoln. 

“Hopefully he’ll end up one of these days like Tom Osborne did. It didn’t happen overnight for him either. The huskers going to be back as national champions. I know that’s gonna happen,” Majicina says. 

All fans today Friday agreed, the big ‘W’ was needed, and they’re glad we got it. 

Max Brochtrup of Lincoln says “Huskers needed a big win and it’s great here down in the Railyard and I want to give a shout out to the best newscasting and sportscasting team in Lincoln, especially Peter Terpstra!”