Husker fans react to disappointing loss

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

A tough loss for the Nebraska Cornhusker Football team means a tough day for Husker fans

“Defense showed up today…but the offense did not,” fan Brayden Wood said.

After a 21-17 loss to Northern Illinois, Nebraska’s biggest fans are looking for improvement, especially from the offensive line.

“I’m not paid to be head coach…but I think our offensive line needs to own up to the challenge,” UNL student Landon Pooley said.

Pooley said if the offense gives quarterback Tanner Lee more time to throw the ball, they’ll do better.

Another fan, Timothy Adams, agrees the offense let the team down, but the defense is improving.

“I think the offense needs some help, the line wasn’t doing too well overall, the defense didn’t do too bad,” Adams said. “If you think about it they only allowed one touchdown and NIU’s allowed for two.”

Another thing fans agreed on is that the coaching staff is doing well, and are too new to think about replacing.

“I have faith in Mike Riley,” Adams said. “He’s only been here for a couple years so right now we’re gonna see how the season goes, we’re only three games in.”

Their minds are focused on what’s to come.

“I’ve still got hope. I mean we’re pretty new as far as even head coach,” Pooley said. “Especially defensive coordinator, it’s his first year so we can still improve.”
          And these Husker fans, they say they’re fans for life.

 “It stinks to see the Huskers lose, but always a Husker fan,” Adams said.

Even when they lose, said Wood and another fan Matt Wrehn.

“Yes of course! Til we die, Husker fans.”