Husker fans react to seeing 1995 National Champions

Posted By: Veronica Ortega

It was another heartbreaking day for Nebraska Husker football fans at the Railyard, but some fans were happy to see the legendary 1995 National Champions who some say were the greatest college football team of all time.

You could hear the roar of the crowd as old favorites Tommie Frazier and Head Coach Tom Osborne made that historic tunnel walk back home to Memorial Stadium. 

"It took me back to 1995. It was like I remember those guys way too well. I thought it was pretty awesome," says Jennifer Jancen of Lincoln.

Things are off to a rough start this year but some fans say they still have hope.

" I think they’re learning. I think they will get better in time. It takes awhile to develop a good defense, but I see us winning championships in the future," says Kurtis Vaness.

Some fans say the 1995 champions provided fans with a much needed spark and inspiration for the rest of the season.

"Still got to believe even if they lose. We can still make a bowl game. We just got to hang in there as a fan base," says Austin Kaczor.

Although Husker fans have to endure another disappointing loss some fans say they look forward to next week and the chance to redeem themselves.