Husker Fans Remember 50 Consecutive Years of Sellouts

The athletic department wanted fans to remember the last 50 years, and look ahead to the next 50, and what better way to do that than to fill hundreds of time capsules.

 Husker fans can be a piece of history. The athletic department wanted to celebrate the 50 consecutive years of sellouts by remembering the past, and looking ahead to the future.
“We not only wanted to look back and thank all the fans for what they've done in the past 50 years but we also wanted to look forward and we want to see what we can do to ensure or at least try and get people to come to our games for the next 50 years.” said Michael Stephens, assistant athletic director of marketing.
Fans can share memories, mementos and memorabilia of the last 50 years to put in time capsules that will be buried in the new east stadium. You can bring your contribution to the game this weekend or mail it to the stadium. They're accepting items, photos and other things until November 12th.
“I'm sure we'll get lots of ticket stubs maybe, lots of magazines, any small mementos. I think lots of those throwback retro things will be really cool to put in whether it's something they picked up at Goodwill or maybe it was a giveaway from the 80s.” said Ethan Rowley, Director of Athletic Marketing.
The goal of this project is to engage long–time fans and the younger generation. They are also using Twitter. You can tweet your favorite memories from the past with the hashtag “huskers 2062”.  To get kids involved, there's Huskers 2062 time capsule sheets where they can guess how things will be in 2062.
“We were trying to figure out what it was, what's that youth oriented, historic type of thing we could do to celebrate 50 years of consecutive sellouts while looking forward…and the time capsule idea came up.” said Stephens.

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