Husker fans share thoughts on Huskers, Riley

Even after the season their football team has had, Husker fans were pumped for today’s face off with Iowa.

A few of them weighed in on the future of the Huskers and Mike Riley’s fate.  But not all of them think the solution is at the head coach position.

"I think that he’s definitely fired after this game," said UNL student Fulton.  "As much as I like the guy as a person, you know, he’s not getting it done on the field.  Like I said, so I don’t think he’ll be around next year."

"I think he’s a nice guy," said Ricky Fulton of Omaha.  "He’s the ‘anti–Bo.’  He’s mature, he knows what he’s doing.  I wouldn’t fire him, especially when you have to pay all this money for payouts.  Where the heck does that money come from anyways?"

Some fans said the coaches need to do a better job of recruiting, and they said the lack of leadership goes higher than just the head coach..

Fans we talked to would not touch on the idea of Scott Frost becoming the head coach.  They’d rather wait and see if Frost commits to Nebraska first.