Husker Football Practice Report December 20

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Courtesy: UNL Athletic Communications

Lincoln, Neb. — The Nebraska football team practiced for 90 minutes Tuesday afternoon. Both the defense and offense practiced outside on the Ed and Joyanne Gass Practice Fields.

Both defensive coordinator Mark Banker and offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf met with the media after practice.

Banker spoke first and started off my mentioning the improvement of the defense.

“Improvement (in) overall points against is always critical, when you look at it, we have two big games with big scores and get to still improve on it,” Banker said. “There’s something to be said obviously, it’s not everything we want improvement. The glaring thing last year were all the big plays in the passing game and I thought anywhere from personnel improvement to overall understanding of the schematics and what we are trying to do.”

Banker then discussed getting all the defensive coaches on the same page with the addition of cornerbacks coach Donte’ Williams earlier this month.

“The one thing that we’ll do and what’s great about the offseason is that we go through and we look at what has gone on in that season,” Banker said. “We break things down. Positive things, negative things, whatever we want to change. The three of us, what we’ll do is we’ll sit down and run all the way from run support to the obvious thing which will be pass coverage. Just basically the three of us clinic on those type of things with Trent and the underneath coverage cause that plays such a big part as well. It’ll just give a great opportunity to mesh those things together and all be on the same page and talk the same language, come to an agreement on techniques and things like that.”

Banker also mentioned his thoughts on how Williams has blended in during his short time in Lincoln.

“I think very well,” Banker said. “He [Donte Williams] comes with a background as far as a recruiter and the recruiting part of it is about relationships and getting along with people so I think that’s kind of a natural. Interaction specifically hasn’t necessarily been there right now, it’s been more of an observation standpoint, in our meetings listen to all of us talk and comment on the schematics of things. I think it’s been fine at this point in time.”

Langsdorf briefly discussed his thoughts on senior quarterback Ryker Fyfe during the Maryland game and his confidence in Fyfe going into the bowl game.

“I thought [Ryker Fyfe] was really poised,” Langsdorf said. “I thought he really threw the ball accurately. I thought he made good decisions. He actually had a nice scramble on a bootleg for a big run. [He] had a couple of reads that looked good. He just hasn’t played a ton but I think he’s got a lot of work in bowl prep which has been good for him. He’s looked sharp. I’m excited for him, the way he’s been playing I feel good about going into this game with him.”

Langsdorf also mentioned their strategy against Tennessee’s defense.

“We’re going to have to be able to run and to protect,” Langsdorf said. “That is going to be an important part against a really good defensive line.”

The football team will practice again Wednesday as they prepare for the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl on Dec. 30. The game will kick off at 2:30 p.m. (CT) and will be televised on ESPN.