Husker Football Season Officially Kicks Off

The Huskers are ranked ninth in the preseason USA Today poll.

This afternoon, they held their first practice but before they strapped on their pads, thousands of fans had the chance to meet their favorite players and coaches.

It was fan day Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

We talked to fans and even a couple players about why today is the perfect way to kick off the season.

Thousands of fans from all over the country.

“We saw today was fan day and so my two children and niece and nephew begged me to bring them here at 7 o'clock this morning,” says Denise Hummel of Virginia.

They got to meet players.


Take pictures and just have a great time on the field at Memorial Stadium.

The longest line, no surprise.

More than 230 yards of people to meet the man Rusty Cowles came all the way from Minneapolis to see.

“I want a picture of Bo so I can put it on my Facebook page and on my wall.”

Fans like Cowles wasn't the only one having fun.

Huskers wide receiver Niles Paul says, “It's a great experience we out here enjoying fan days. It's kind of a break off of football even though it hasn't started yet but it's definitely a good break for us.”

A good break where even some strange things happen.

“I signed a statue of me that's probably the most different thing I've signed today, ” says Husker kicker Alex Henery.

Now though, the pens and statues are put away.

One die hard Husker fan says, “I am very excited I already paid for my tickets so I'm excited to go to games.”

So how will the team do?

“I predict a winning season,” says one fan.

Tad Young of Omaha says, “National championship! Surprise a lot of people. Defense is gonna be good. It's gonna be fun.”

Another hopeful fan says, “I'm optimistic that they're gonna go all the way.”

We also asked Niles Paul what was the strangest thing he's ever signed.

He said nothing too strange this year but one time someone took a picture of him leaving his dorm room and asked him to sign that.