Huskers give fan a second chance

Posted By: Jenn Hatcher

Diehard Husker fan, Jess Gibson was happy to be back in Lincoln, he says, “I’m so excited.”

It was a special treat, from the men’s basketball team, for the 14-year-old living with cerebral palsy.

Administrative coordinator for the team, Brett Sapp says, “We wanted to bring him down, meet our team, meet our staff and kind of really know what it’s like to be part of the Husker program.”

Shannon Gibson, Jess’s mom, says it was humbling to be invited to the game. “He (Jess)struggles on a day to day basis and today’s a day he doesn’t have to worry about his struggles,” says Shannon.

Usually Jess and his family get to one basketball game a year, but Thursday nights game, is their second this season.

The trip the second time, was a lot less stressful.  New Year’s Eve, Jess’s family was getting ready to leave their home in Wayne to head to the Indiana game at the Pinnacle Bank Arena, when they realized their handicap accessible van was stolen. Shannon explains, “We were hoping it to be a fun day and it started out pretty crazy.” Later in the day, police recovered the van and the family was able to make it to the game, where the Huskers lost.

Coach Miles heard of Jess and wanted to bring him back, hoping this time, to send him home with a win.  The Huskers did win Thursday night, beating Rutgers, 65-49.

After the game, Jess got to meet all the players, including his favorite, Terran Petteway.