Huskers Meet With Media

Lincoln–The players and coaches of the Nebraska football team met with the media on Tuesday.  One of the bigger announcements to come out of the press conference was that sophomore Mike Stuntz is listed as the second-string quarterback behind Jammal Lord.  Former second-teamer and true-freshman Curt Dukes has been dropped to third-team.

“Mike Stuntz came on real strong as we headed into the final phase of practices leading up to this game,” said head coach Frank Solich.  “Curt (Dukes) got off to a great start, but then got slowed with the injury (abdominal strain).  So going into the game, Mike is second, Curt is third but that will continue to be an ongoing battle.  We want to give both guys opportunites in practices to really progress and we'll see how it plays out as we get into the season.”

The Nebraska depth chart also has Dahrran Diedrick and Thunder Collins listed as co-number one at the I-back position.  “I don't know about that,” said Diedrick.  “I just know I'm going to be the first guy out there and I'm going to stay out there because I'll work hard and get things done.” 

As far as coach Solich is concerned, “there is no pre-designed game plan going in saying one back will get so many series or so many carries.  We'll see how thy are both doing, and we'll give the guy the ball that has the hot hand and see how it works.”