Scott Frost excited for College Gameday, matchup with Buckeyes

Scott Frost rarely shows much emotion during his weekly press conference. He seemed almost giddy Monday talking about ESPN’s College GameDay coming to Lincoln this Saturday for the Huskers matchup against No. 5 Ohio State. 

“Regardless of how this game goes this is a special time for Nebraska,” Frost said. “There are some big things coming this week. GameDay hasn’t been here in 10 or 12 years. This is a good opportunity to highlight our program, the direction the program is going, the improvement we have made, the path that we are on. Its going to be great to get national attention here in Lincoln. If we weren’t improving and getting better and going in a really good direction that was obvious to a lot of people, we wouldn’t have those guys on ESPN coming to town.

“This is special. Our guys need to be able to operate and flourish amidst whatever distraction brings along with it.”