Huskers revved up for matchup with No. 5 Ohio State

Nebraska football players might be trying to not let the hype overwhelm them for Saturday’s matchup against No. 5 Ohio State. But they say it’s hard to ignore a Memorial Stadium atmosphere at night. 

“For me it just revs me up,” said senior Mohamed Barry. “I feel like I am playing in an intense game. Everything is intense around me. But then I start having tunnel vision. For me it is a great thing. For defenders, we like it when it is loud. It just makes everything real. For me everything goes slow motion. My heart is pounding, adrenaline, stuff like that. And I think that’s when I am at my best.

“A lot of defenders would agree when they are at their best. For [offense] I think it is the opposite because they want to be able to think. We don’t want to think. We want to read and react. They want to think. They want to make sure that everything is right. They would like it if it is silent. So we have the advantage on defense by having the home field.”