Huskers to work on protection

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Courtesy: NU Media Relations

Lincoln, Neb. – The Nebraska football team practiced for over an hour and a half in half pads Monday evening on the Ed and Joyanne Gass Field and in the Hawks Championship center.

Offensive Coordinator Danny Langsdorf met with the media after practice and discussed the game against Oregon last Saturday.

“To score 35 points, we didn’t play very well," Langsdorf said. "That was the reality of it. We looked at our goals and situations of football. We were terrible in third down. We did good on our run average and we did get some explosive plays that got us some points. I thought that was a positive, but if you look at the third down efficiency, it was really bad. We dropped some balls, had a critical false start. We were sloppy. We scored a lot of points but I think that that’s encouraging because we can play better than that.”

Coach Langsdorf mentioned quarterback  Tanner Lee and his performance against Oregon. “I thought he missed some throws, we talked about some of the throws that he missed," Langsdorf said. "I thought he [threw] a little bit high on some stuff. Just settling in and playing a little bit. He was probably pressing on trying to get back in it (the game). He probably was trying to put too much on his shoulders. He pressed a little bit but he made some plays and he got us in some good situations. He got hit too many times which affects everybody. We have to clean up that part of it.”

Coach Langsdorf also commented on the protection of the quarterbacks.

“It was inconsistent," Langsdorf said. "I just think we are getting hit too many times. Part of protection is making sure the backs and the tight ends are doing their part in their role. Whether it’s a blitzing linebacker or chipping an end on the way out. The quarterbacks have to get rid of the ball. It’s a whole protection unit. We are taking too many hits and I think we can do a better job as a unit of protecting the quarterback."

Langsdorf also commented on the touchdown pass from Tanner Lee to Stanley Morgan Jr.

“Well they blew the coverage, but he (Tanner Lee) knew to go to the one on one," Langsdorf said. "It was a pressure look, one of them had to come and the other had to cover and they both came. I think he recognized the alert and knew that he was going there. He knew exactly how quickly he needed to get it to him (Stanley Morgan Jr.) and was so open he almost missed the throw. It was a good read by both Stan and Tanner. Lee had to buy a little time to get the back beneath him and get it out quick. It was an easy touchdown.”

The Huskers will practice tomorrow to continue to prepare for Saturday’s game against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Memorial Stadium at 11 a.m. For more information, check